What Makes a Good Contractor

In addition to providing references, your contractors should be happy to tell you about completed projects that you can see for yourself. They may have a website where they show examples of their work, but it`s good to know the local or neighborhood homes where they`ve completed work. A good entrepreneur creates a succession plan that allows the business to continue to grow and prosper, and allows the owner to have enough funds to enjoy retirement. The key is to start the succession plan long before it`s time to sell the business. These plans take much longer than most people imagine. Even unforeseen explosions in business cycles can wipe out even the best plans, so contingency plans are needed. Be prepared. They are declared bankrupt, involved in shady transactions, do not pay their suppliers or subcontractors, produce poor quality work, finish their projects too late or seriously injure or kill people during construction work. At the end of each important conversation, summarize the highlights so that each of you understands the next steps. It`s easy to get intimidated when discussing things outside of your expertise. But you`re talking about your home, probably your biggest investment. Your contractor should be patient with your concerns.

Without minimizing the current issues, Dennis Engelbrecht, a senior consultant at the Family Business Institute, which is part of the Travelers Cos. family, presented his recommendations in a much more positive light at this week`s Associated General Contractors of America convention, highlighting the top 10 reasons why entrepreneurs succeed and can continue to do so. These were the characteristics that the higher echelon of the institute`s clients, characterized by growth and profitability, had in common, according to the management consulting firm. Each project has a limited duration and when it is completed, the contractor must find new projects to employ its staff and equipment and pay its overheads. What does it take to be a great entrepreneur in today`s rapidly changing digital world? Successful entrepreneurs practice creative destruction. They are never satisfied with the status quo and always strive to improve. This national dissatisfaction with the way things are going today contributes to arousing the desire to continually grow the company to all that it can be tomorrow. Good entrepreneurs have guides that people will follow off a cliff.

Frames come in all shapes and sizes. Successful entrepreneurs also need good managers, but they are not the same as executives. Leaders define the vision and direction of a company. They inspire people to choose the company`s strategic goals. Companies need to view hiring as a long-term process, looking for, for example, college programs for interns and project engineers who can grow with the company and continue to add value. Even if there are no job offers, “if you find talent in the market, hire them,” Engelbrecht said. Several companies have experienced significant growth thanks to this somewhat counterintuitive strategy of finding a job that suits people, he added. Putting your remodeling dreams in someone else`s hands can be both exciting and disturbing. Once you realize that a project is more than a “diY” option, it`s a good idea to find a good renovator to make it happen.

Of course, you`ll want to start your search by asking your friends and family which contractors they`ve worked with. But you should also check online reviews using Angie`s List or Home Advisor to find good recommendations. Good entrepreneurs avoid going to court at all costs. Sometimes this is necessary, but only in a case where the company is at risk of going bankrupt. When a contractor goes to court, he rarely wins, only lawyers do. It`s also the recipe for lifetime customers, who are often an entrepreneur`s bread and butter, because “every year you work in your business and then you have to start over,” he said. So leaders should diligently cultivate those relationships that continue to add work to the pipeline, Engelbrecht said, and never take them for granted because someone else “inevitably knocks on that door.” It`s a fact that all successful entrepreneurs who walk through the doors of change recruitment are excellent communicators. Change happens.

Demolishing a wall can reveal unexpected problems. The availability of building materials and prices fluctuate. Having an entrepreneur who can jump and sneak safely and effectively through unforeseen obstacles can be a big advantage. .