EnKaizen and Erbium Announce Technology Partnership to Develop Business Apps

Bangladesh & UK – Enkaizen a technology solution provider and Erbium, a promising provider of business automation and workflow solutions for retail, today announced a strategic partnership. The two companies will offer a technology solution for retails that provide value-based automation solutions to easily & effectively execute business operations and improve consumer experience.

This relationship aims to also help unlock even greater business value from their client’s applications by helping customers increase operational efficiency, customer engagement, and end-user satisfaction. Together, the two companies will offer a technology collaboration, business strategy making, end user experience analysis that integrates their solutions, and to have complete visibility to identify quality measures need to be taken, and benefit from data insights about consumer behavior.

“We saw a real opportunity to offer technology solution that not many companies are executing efficiently,” says Enkaizen’s CEO Mr. Ronald Roni Saha “What we’re pioneering is next big thing as retails are today thriving to get data & tech driven solutions that helps to gain better insight and help to make informed decisions” he says.

“With this MOU, we look forward to supporting UK retail business in preparing the next generation of application for entry into the technology & data driven business models” says Erbium’s CEO Mr. Khalid Hossain Khan, who led the team that drives consumer strategic business analysis for Erbium’s. “We saw it as the perfect fit that we could share expertise has capability to present the data & workflow experience in clear insights that can be helpful to achieving value-based consumer experience.”

About Enkaizen
Founded in 2013, EnKaizen is a Bangladesh based team that provides innovation and meets business challenges through technology. Across international locations & working with a variety of clients across sectors, they primarily offer complex custom software, mobile application, and web development as well as UX/UI design. They support established businesses, nonprofits, government organizations, and startups. For more information, visit https://enkaizen.com.

About Erbium
Erbium is a digital marketing agency with headquarters in London, UK. Since its start in 2019, they provide social media marketing, digital strategy, and content marketing services to mid market and small businesses focusing on business services, information technology, and financial services industries. . For more information, visit https://www.erbiumtech.com.

Khalid Hossain Khan
Khalid @erbium.com