EnKaizen Appoints Md. Ziaul Hoq to Head of Business Development

EnKaizen has appointed Md. Ziaul Hoq as its Head of Business Development.

EnKaizen a leading tech start up in Bangladesh today announces the selection of Md. Ziaul Hoq for Head of Business Development. Enkaizen expanded its leadership team for best-in-class client experience.

Accustomed to deal different brands, communication work, strategic plan and execution, Mr. Hoq enjoy challenges and work hard to achieve his objectives align with goals of the company. He always lead by example and go out of his way to motivate his team by demonstrating his own effort and dedication to getting things done.

In the last 12 years Mr. Hoq has been working for different brands from the organizations and from their clients in a way that fits a company’s/project’s target and objectives. In parallel, he is passionate on social media activities and events. Before joining Enkaizen he used to deal with employee branding and business development of event and advertising firm. He also has exposure in entrepreneurship and have good hands-on experience on business dealings process in context of Bangladesh culture. 

Through corporate and voluntary works, Mr. Hoq came to learn about risk and time management along with network management that helps him to ensure strategic communication and decision making. During his journey, he has learnt how to manage internal and external stakeholders in hard time without compromising the result.

With a vision to indulge himself in project management and business development activities with branding ideas, he believes Enkaizen will be the right place for him to work. His recent experiences in people branding and digital marketing also have encouraged him taking further challenges at this stage.

Mr. Hoq intimately understands what it takes to scale a business across Bangladesh, and with his expertise we are confident that Enkaizen is well on its way to reaching its upcoming goals.

“We are extremely excited to have Mr. Md. Ziaul Hoq lead our business expansion effort” says Enkaizen’s CEO Ronald Roni Saha

About Enkaizen

Founded in 2013, EnKaizen is a Bangladesh based team that provides innovation and meets business challenges through technology. Across international locations & working with a variety of clients across sectors, they primarily offer complex custom software, mobile application, and web development as well as UX/UI design. They support established businesses, non-profit, government organizations, and start-ups. For more information, visit https://enkaizen.com